Technical Chamber of Greece – Eastern Macedonia Branch – EL

The Technical Chamber of Greece-Eastern Macedonia Branch is a public equivalent body and the Technical Consultant of the Government. Among its main aims is to promote science in the fields of its members’ expertise and exploit it in order to achieve social, economic and growth for the country and the general public under the principles of sustainability and environmental protection.

Municipality of Xanthi – EL

The metropolitan municipality of Xanthi was formed in 2011 by the merger of the former municipalities of Xanthi and Stavroupolis. Situated at the foothills of the Rhodope mountain range, on the crossroads between the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Anatolia, Xanthi covers an area of 495 km2 and its population is estimated approximately at sixty-five thousand (65.000) citizens. Xanthi belongs to the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace which is among the less developed European regions, where GDP per capita falls below 75% of the EU average

Municipality of Constanta – RO

Constanța is the administrative center of the county with the same name and the largest city in the EU Southeastern development region of Romania. The city is located on the Black Sea coast, having a beach length of 13 kilometres (8 miles). Mamaia, an administrative district of Constanța, is the largest and most modern resort on the Romanian coast. Mineral springs in the surrounding area and sea bathing attract many visitors in the summer. Constanța is one of Romania’s main industrial, commercial and tourist center

Development Principles NGO – AM

Development Principles is a non-profit non-governmental organization aimed to invest in people and empower them to create positive change in their own lives. Development Principles NGO (DP) envisages a world where people live a dignified life in peace and harmony with society and the environment.

State organization “Regional Fund for the Support of the Entrepreneurship of Zaporozhye region” – UA

The RFSE is non-profit and the main supporting tool for small and medium enterprises in Zaporozhye region. The main mission is to implement social and state policies on development and support of SMEs as a promising sector in the regional economy. The main activities of the organization: – Providing information support (consultations, educational activities, functioning of a permanent “hot line”) for entrepreneurs, farmers, unemployed, youth and students to further their self-employment as entrepreneurs; – Conducting seminars and workshops for SMEs, students, IDPs and unemployed on accounting and taxation, doing business in green agrotourism, supporting tools for SMEs and popularization of domestic tourism etc. – Providing financial support to business entities and startups; – Attracting international technical assistance (grants) to promote entrepreneurship and its development (including social) in the region; – Promoting the opening and implementation of public institutions to support small and medium enterprises (business incubators, business centers, coworking-centers, mentoring centers, technoparks, malls and business development agencies and centers); – Promoting the employment of students, disabled and those who aspire to be the entrepreneur by learning the basics of business, providing information and financial support for further registration and work as entrepreneurs; – Development, support the tourism sector in the region, its promotion, certification of service quality in agrotourism, green tourism and eco-tourism.

Sile Governorate – TR

Participation as leader organization of all stakeholders in all activities provided for the development of tourism sector in the town.

  • Conducts research and planning related to the dissemination and development of cultural and touristic services; For the last 10 years, over a hundred events such as conferences, exhibitions, panels and courses have been held.
  • Culture & tourism activities in the city are closely monitored, inspected, encouraged and preliminary studies are being carried out.