Popularization of “CERTOUR II” project in local mass media (1st promotional campaign)


At the beginning of the project, Regional Fund for Entrepreneurship Support in Zaporizhzhia region conducted the local promotional campaign to present the objectives, the content and the expected results of the project to the regional mass media.
This communication activity is addressed to the target groups and the tourism stakeholders in Ukraine:

  • The business support organizations, the tourism stakeholders and the general public were informed about the start of the project;
  • The individual professionals were informed about the chance to become registered mentors;
  • The tourism SMEs were informed about the potential benefits provided by the project and motivated to express their interest in participation.
    Thanks to the promotional events more stakeholders were interested in the “CERTOUR II” project.
    More information (promotional materials) you can find here http://rbc.zp.ua/2018/12/17/4850/

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