“SME Management Trainings” are starting in the context of CERTOUR II


Within the scope of the CERTOUR II (BSB!/) “For a Beter SME Management” project which is implemented in the scope of the first call for proposals of the ENI Cross-Border Cooperation Program, where “European Union, Chairmanship” acts as the National Authority, a meeting held with the participation of Şile District Governorship project team and 9 hotel owners on 25.07.2019 at Ağva Defne Hotel. The project coordinator and hotel owners signed a protocol of goodwill and cooperation to have a successfull project outputs.

It is planned that trainings to 40 represantatives from 20 tourism SMEs will start in September just after the Turkish version “SME management training modules” uploaded on the e-learning platform which is developed within the scope of the project .

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